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What is Tensegrity?

Tensegrity is defined as "a discontinuous set of compression elements opposed and balanced by a continuous tensile force... creating an internal prestress that stabilizes the entire structure". This design principle is the basis for Structural Integration Bodywork.

Structural Integration techniques focus on manipulating fascial layers of the body, also known as connective tissue. Fascia encases entire muscle groups all the way down to individual muscle fibers, blood vessels, organs, and nerves; simultaneously securing some structures together while allowing other structures to move freely.

Thai Massage techniques focus on stretching and compressing muscle groups to manipulate fascia, mobilize joints, & stimulate blood flow, while direct point work along Traditional Thai Sen throughout the body offer  muscle compartment separation; allowing muscle bellies to glide atop one another, and for blood & energy to flow through the body with ease.

These two modalities combine beautifully together to realign and open the body; creating long lasting structural change and promote psychological wellbeing.


How to figure out Sliding Scale..

Tensegrity Thai Massage is striving to make massage accessible to people of all demographics with our Sliding Scale Pricing option. Sliding scale means "Pay What You Can" within the designated price range per service.

Consider paying less on the scale if you:

• are supporting children or have other dependents

• are a person who experiences racism directed at you

• have medical expenses not covered by insurance

• have mental health and/or addiction and/or chronic pain issues

• are eligible for public assistance

• have immigration-related expenses

• are an older adult with limited financial support

• are an unpaid community organizer

• are a returning citizen who has been denied work due to incarceration history

• are descended from enslaved peoples or indigenous peoples

• are transgender and experience trans related discrimination and/or violence regularly

• are gay/queer and experience related discrimination and/or violence regularly


Consider paying more on the scale if you:

• own the home you live in

• have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money

• travel recreationally

• have access to family money and resources in times of need

• work part time by choice

• have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education, gender privilege, racial privilege, class background, etc.

Meet Your Practitioner...

"Eevee" April Aviles, Lic #22864

Eevee has been practicing massage professionally since 2016 after graduating from Portland's own East West College of the Healing Arts.  At East West the immediate passion for both Structural Integration and Thai Massage modalities blossomed.  After graduation, Eevee spent several years homing in their Structural skills working in a chiropractic clinic with patients rehabilitating from injury, both acute and chronic conditions.  These years of valuable experience grew Eevee's practice in their western modality but Thai massage still rang true deeply in their heart.

In February 2019, Eevee had the great privilege to travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand to study under licensed Doctor of Traditional Medicine Homprang Chaleekanha, M.S. at Baan Hom Samunphrai School.  It was here at Baan Hom that Eevee's passion for Thai Massage became a true dedicated and skilled practice.  Having received over 690 hours of hands on training over the period of 7 months, Eevee became certified in Traditional Nuad Boran Thai, Womblifting & Postpartum Care, Therapeutic (Accupressure) Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, and the harvesting & processing of medicinal plants to make healing Herbal Compresses.  

Eevee is determined to uphold the honor that is working in the healthcare field; helping people on their individual holistic healing journey by bringing to the table practical skills, patience, compassion, and dedication to each client.  Let's grow and heal together.


Our Logo Explained

What appears to be an asymmetrical, geometric shape is actually a tensegrity model exemplified by solid poles tethered by taught elastic strings.  This 3 dimensional form is a direct representation of our human design; how our trains of fascia, spiderweb-like strands of connective tissue, provide our physical structure via tensile strength.

The rusted-orange spiral shape is the Thai Sak Yant symbol meaning Balance and Health.  In Thailand Sak Yants are tattoos of sacred geometrical designs, used as a personal talisman with the intention of creating change in characteristics, life circumstances, and the actualization of goals.

Combined together, balancing both Eastern and Western ideologies,  the Tensegrity Thai Massage philosophy is embodied.  We strive to honor and respect the science, the philosophy, and the magic that is holistic bodywork across cultures.

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